Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eternally Embarrassed

I often find myself embarrassed by my own actions. I know a lot of people have regrets about things that they have said or done, but I find myself cringing at my own memories on a daily basis. These memories of moments of humiliation come to me at the most random times - usually when my mind has time to wander - in the shower, while driving and at inopportune moments throughout the day (sometimes resulting in yet another moment to be uncomfortable about).

The embarrassing moments themselves happen routinely. As much as I try to avoid humiliation-making activities, I still manage to make a fool of myself quite regularly. Often, these moments have been while under the influence of booze - but more often, they are made of my own self-conscious manner. My hope is that writing about these gaffs will help me deal with how stupid I make myself feel, and maybe make me laugh in the process.

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